Thursday Notes – May 21st, 2015

No School-Monday, 25th Memorial Day


End of Grade Testing continues…


Parents, please help your child do his or her best by following these guidelines:

  • Help your child get 9 hours sleep throughout the weekend and each night before the test.
  • Make sure your child eats a healthy breakfast, including more proteins and fewer carbohydrates.
  • BE ON TIME to school. Rushing around creates anxiety.  Late-comers must take a make-up test.
  • No couch potatoes, video games, or on-line junkies the week before.   Go outside and run and play.  You will rest better, think better, and feel better.
  • Help them arrive at school with a positive attitude.


Just a reminder that cell phones and electronic devices are not permitted in any End-of-Grade or End-of-Course test session.  All cell phones or devices will be collected prior to each testing session.  Students may have a book or magazine, but they may not use any electronic devices.  Parents and students may choose to keep all electronic devices at home during testing to avoid any issues.


Testing Schedule

May 14 Science 5th &8th grades

May 15 EOC Math I

May 18 EOG Math 3rd & 4th grades

May 19 EOG Reading 3rd & 4th grades

May 20 EOG Math 5th & 7th grades

May 21 EOG Reading 5th & 7th grades

May 22 EOG Math 6th & 8th grades

May 26 EOG Reading 6th & 8th grades


EOG results will be shared with parents at the third trimester conferences- June 9 and 10.


Annual Giving Campaign – Week Five



We still have a long way to go toward our goal of 100% participation by all our ABS families.  Please remember it isn’t the amount that counts – whether you give $1.00 or $100 – ALL PARTICIPATION COUNTS EQUALLY!  We want all our ABS families to feel included and invested in our school, no matter what the amount.

You may send in envelopes with your child, drop them off in either office, mail them in or simply click below for online donations.  It’s a great time to encourage family and friends to donate as well, just forward along the link.  Thank you so much for your continued support!



End of Year Checklist

  • Pick up medications from the front office
  • Be sure all fees and lunch balances are paid
  • Let us know if you will not be returning to ABS next year.  If your child is transferring to another school, please let us know where to send your child’s records by emailing Stephanie May –
  • Thursday, June 4this the last day of school.  Early dismissal.


Enrollment Forms for 2015-16

Enrollment information and forms (for current students) that are usually sent home in preparation for the 2015-2016 school year will be emailed to parents this year. You should receive the email on Friday, May 22.  Please fill out the emergency contact index cards and the medical history sheet and email them to by June 1.  If you do not receive an email, please email Stephanie May at and she will send you the forms.  We’re encouraging forms to be filled out electronically this year but for those who do not have easy access to the internet, paper forms will be available in the front office of both buildings.


Instrument Petting Zoo

On Wednesday, May 27, 4th graders will have the opportunity to visit the Instrument Petting Zoo here in the MLK building to try the flute, the clarinet, trumpet and trombone. Percussion (bells and drum pad) are also available but will not be demonstrated on Wednesday.  After students try the instruments, we will use the information gained to help them choose an instrument for Fifth Grade band.



Library Books Due

All library books are due this Friday, May 22. If you are receiving late notices, please return books or if they have been lost, pay for them in the front office. Mrs. Wise has a list. If you are receiving late notices for a book you think has been returned, please email Mackenzie Calhoun at and she will look into locating the book.


Final Friday Sing

On Friday, May 29, we will all gather in the 7th Street courtyard for an ALL-SCHOOL Friday Sing from 2:00-2:25.  If the weather prevents an outdoor gathering, Friday Sing will be for only K – 4th graders, in the back space, from 2:00-2:25.


No K-Kids or Builder’s Club This Week or Next

Because of testing activities in our buildings in the next two weeks, there will be no Friday morning club meetings on May 15 or May 22. The last K-Kid meeting will be a celebration on May 29.


Field Day

Field Day will be held on June 4th this year. It’s a half-day and we need volunteers to help the classes in the MLK building run their games. Please contact your class rep if you can help. This is one of the last opportunities of the year to earn volunteer hours.


Around Town…

Youth Orchestra Auditions

The  youth ensembles of the W-S Symphony will hear auditions on Saturday, June 6 10:00 – 3:00 and Sunday June 7, 12:30 – 5:00 at the Reynolds High School Fine Arts Building. For information about audition requirements, fees,