PC Minutes from February 21, 2014

WELCOME: 8:15am, Julee Nunley & Shannon Wright, PC Co-Chairs


• January Jam Recap, Julee Nunley
Had 2 separate, simultaneous events (one in the MLK building and one in the 7th Street building), both went very well & raised $1,700.00.

• Movie Afternoon: Friday, March 7th, Julee Nunley/Lindsay Beane
$5 for kids to stay and watch 2 movies on early dismissal day. Snacks are sold as well. Volunteer needs include: Set up, selling concessions, hallway monitors and cleanup. Contact Lindsay at lgbeane2@aol.com if you are available to volunteer.

• ABS Yearbook, Shannon Wright/Donna Brown
Photos from all grades needed; any from Peter & the Wolf (and other grade level productions & other school happenings. If your class has a photo website, please let Donna know. Email photos to dbrown@artsbasedschool.com

• Capital Campaign Update, Shannon Wright
Our goal is $500,000; we are close to $400,000 pending receipt of a grant we have applied for. ABS Families gave $90,000 of that amount which is outstanding! THANK YOU!

• Annual Giving, Shannon Wright
This is the campaign that is run every year; funds are used for ongoing school need (vs. the capital campaign which was to help support the new building and upgrade projects in the MLK building). Last year we raised almost $20,000! Look for this campaign to begin in the next month.

REQUESTED DISCUSSION TOPICS: 8:30-8:45am PC Chairs & Principal, Robin Hollis
• Inclement Weather Policy
ABS will usually follow the WSFCS delay/cancellation policies except in unusual circumstances.

  • They have experts checking roads all over county at 3 am
  • We have students/families/teachers traveling from many areas (over 21 different zip codes)
  • Having a different delay plan can confuse families with children in both school systems

Safety will always be the priority. As a charter school, we also have liability concerns if one of our students was harmed (would be called into question if public schools were cancelled and we were not). If you ever feel unsafe driving to school during questionable weather, then you must make that choice. Serving such a large area of families, we may not have inclement weather conditions in downtown Winston-Salem, while families in Rural Hall may have an inch of snow. It is always your option to come get your child early if you feel the weather is unsafe.

The delays on cold weather days were an unusual circumstance. The public schools needed enough time to ensure buses could be up and running. We were trying to avoid students streaming in over a 2 hour period, which creates much chaos for the teachers and greatly interrupts learning time. (Some families still follow whatever the public schools do or many families have siblings in one of the public schools and they wanted to bring their kids on the same schedule). Had we known we would have had so many snow days, we may have tried to avoid those delays.

We have enough school-hours built in that we do not have to make up any of the snow days currently. If we have more snow, we may need to re-evaluate. Any snow days that take us past the required amount of instructional hours would be added on to the end of the school year.

PRINCIPAL’S REPORT: 8:45-9:10am, Robin Hollis

• Proposed 2014-2015 School Calendar
Please review; email Paige Raper with feedback praper@artsbasedschool.com

• School Report Card Results
Reports were sent home to each family in last week’s Thursday packets. Note that our scores are higher than the state average; the problem with teaching to the test is that when the test changes, students cannot adapt easily.
We do well for the economically disadvantaged students.

• Lottery Results
We had 359 applications; 70 got in
In Kindergarten, there were 42 spots, 28 spots in other grades
Our school is in high demand!

• From the Mountains to the Sea Landscaping Project, Matt Mayers
Other collaborators: Jeff Morgan; Jessie Hammond; Lisa Kinnamon
This will be a geographical representation of North Carolina using native plants
Will be useful as a teaching tool
Need volunteers; great way to earn volunteer hours!
Planting days: 2/22-23 & 3/22-23
Email mlmayers@gmail.com to help


  • Parent Council: Friday, March 14th @8:15am, Teacher Resource Room
  • Board of Directors:
    • March Meeting: Tuesday, March 11th @5:45pm, 7th Street Bldg.