PC Minutes from September 16, 2016

PARENT COUNCIL MEETING MINUTES 9/16/16, 8:15am – 9:15am

Introductions (Lindsay Deibler, Parent Council Co-Chair)

  • Lindsay kicked off the meeting by introducing this year’s Parent Council Board
    • Co-Chairs: Lindsay Deibler, Julee Nunley
    • Secretary: Cheryl Hicks
    • Hospitality Coordinators: Jessica Bell, April Greenwood
    • Annual Giving: Emily Ball, Shannon Wright
    • Tech Support: Betty Hastings, Joe Runyon, Kelly Turner

Class Reps (Julee Nunley)

  • General role – Julee shared a brief overview of Parent Rep/Teacher meeting which covered class rep responsibilities, chaperone policy, set up of Shutterfly sites
    • Since that meeting, a Shutterfly site for Parent Council has been set up for all parent reps to access materials
    • Parent reps coordinate events/activities and should be not be the sole volunteers. Please inform Parent Council Co-Chairs there are challenges finding volunteers.
  • Each month class reps will receive a month-at-a-glance with birthdays and other announcements to share with all other parents
  • We began using Shutterfly sites for all classrooms a few year ago because it offers a way to get a lot of things in one place, including communication with parents, volunteer coordination and a place to post pictures.
    • Posting pictures on class sites allows Sherri Carter, yearbook coordinator, to retrieve pictures for yearbook
    • Designating a class photographer is recommended to ensure that all classes have plenty of pictures to choose from.
    • Amy Archambault has set up a Shutterfly Help site that contains instructional videos to help with setting up your site. All Parent Reps should have access to this site.

Hospitality (Jessica Bell)

  • Assistant Principal of the Day Raffle supports Hospitality which allows Parent Council to treat teachers throughout the year
  • Last month sold 158 tickets
  • First Teacher Breakfast was sponsored by Parent Council Board
  • The first three days of school, we provided coffee and Kleenex to Kindergarten parents
  • Teacher Birthdays – collecting info from all the teachers for more personalization
  • Each class is assigned to coordinate for snacks one of the monthly staff meetings – have a cleanup volunteer, disposable foods help, healthy snacks are appreciated; birthdays are posted on Shutterfly site
  • Teacher Appreciation Week
  • It would be helpful to have more funds for this year, so please buy tickets!

Fall Festival (Emily Ball)

  • All grades have turned in their activities (except 8th grade)
  • 1 (rain date Oct 8), 11a – 3p (set up is at 10am)
  • Each grade hosts
    • K – musical chairs
    • 1st – bookmark making
    • 2nd – tattoo station
    • 3rd – pumpkin toss
    • 4th – lucky ducks
    • 5th – freeze dance
    • 6th – stack attack
    • 7th – stick to it
  • Would like to have a face painting area. If you are interested in helping with this activity, contact Emily Ball.
  • Food Trucks: Italian Ice, Mike & Mike’s, D’s Cakes In A Cup, Sara Knott (tie-dye)
  • Suggestion from parent – reduce the amount of candy as prizes

Book Fair (Mackenzie Calhoun)

  • 26 – Sept. 30 (Monday is set up day)
  • Theme: Pirates “Get Hooked On a Book”
  • Co-Chairs – Katie Ayers; Rachel Wilson; Mackenzie Calhoun
  • All funds are matched to buy books for classrooms and libraries
  • Need volunteers – parent reps need to re-post the sign-up sheet – need decorators
  • K or 1st grade need parents to help students shop because they come back and buy later from wish list – there are class preview days. Parent reps for these grades should coordinate with teachers to find out what is needed.
  • Each building will have a board with teacher wish list and parents can purchase the books
  • “All For Books” campaign allows everyone to buy a book
  • Library: moved, furniture has been ordered and hopefully open by Wed. (9/21)

Principals Report (Principal Hollis)

  • Board Meeting
    • State has a policy requires schools to have a concussion plan – it adjusts the workload and activities a child with a concussion can participate in; required to train teacher to recognize concussions
    • Update the strategic plan – 5-year plan on accomplishments (community, student achievement, finances) – includes areas of growth, staffing positions; January retreat will start sketching goals; SWOT analysis to gather information from parents; state does working conditions for teachers
  • Black Box Theater –not ready yet, the challenge is additional structural support for platform stage and seating; footings will take additional time; plan to cut through the closet to basement for storage
  • 7th grade performance (Brundibar) Oct. 19 is held in the Courtyard and therefore will not be impacted by theater construction.

Question and Answer

  • Traffic
    • Will be adding additional security guards for dismissal. Currently looking for a new security company.
    • The issue of people parking on 7th street was raised.  It was suggest that the city put up “no parking” signs.
    • Can’t use MLK to pick up/drop off students because it is a state road
    • Parking across MLK is dangerous
    • Traffic will get worse when I-40 closes and 52 becomes a main thoroughfare
  • Clubs
    • A parent asked about the process for starting an after school chess club
    • A parent sponsor and a staff sponsor is required for all clubs.