PC Minutes from September 12, 2014

Parent Council Meeting Minutes

September 12, 2014

  1. Shannon Wright – introduction and welcome.       Parent council is open to all parents, grandparents, guardians, other family members that are interested.
  2. Paige Raper – introduction of nurses from Piedmont Allergy Partners for discussion regarding food allergies.
    1. Denise and Kim – nurses from Allergy Partners discussed the following:
    2. New method for administering epinephrine – Auvi-Q – it talks you through how to administer the medication. If epinephrine is given then you call 911 as well.
    3. About 30% of time symptoms will return in 20 minutes or so after giving epinephrine so that is why medication is given in a 2-pak and also why 911 should be contacted.
    4. Insurance plans generally cover three – 2 paks at one time.
    5. Do not keep epinephrine in extreme temperatures (in car).
    6. Keep liquid Benadryl with epinephrine as well.
    7. Use epinephrine when it affects respiratory or circulatory system and Benadryl for rashes (hives).
    8. Currently 23 students at ABS have epinephrine at school. Having peanut-free and tree nut-free rooms are great. Some students are allergic to smell, touch of food protein and it is important to have no contact. The allergy is to a specific protein – not a virus or bacteria – so hand sanitizer doesn’t clean the protein off hands or surfaces. You must use soap and water to clean hands and wipe dry.
    9. Allergists are advocates of “zero” exposure – with each exposure allergy symptoms may worsen. The school has a conversation with each family about their clinical history and decides best scenario for each child. They have an allergy action plan along with their epinephrine at school. Medication is kept in the same locked location at school so everyone knows where it is located. Only an adult can administer epinephrine – not another student. There are some more extreme cases that may require the child to have medication with them at all times.
    10. State law has recently changes and all schools should have epinephrine on hand to err on side of safety. Our school will have 2 extra epi-pens in case of emergency.
    11. A parent requested that we should educate our children not to share food with each other at lunch or snack time.
    12. There was some discussion about ABS becoming a peanut/tree nut free school. It was felt that this topic needed further consideration and time to discuss. It would provide relief for parents of children with food allergies, a safer school environment, less confusion from year to year about the type of classroom your child is in and kids want to keep their friends safe and healthy – they want to be helpful. It was recommended that the school investigate a school-wide policy.
    13. ABS does have a list of healthy snack ideas that are peanut/tree nut free. Wow butter and sun butter are safe alternatives.
    14. Before a food snack is brought into classroom for a special occasion – you should talk with your individual teacher. Many parents suggested alternatives to food – a book for classroom, stickers. It was also recommended that the school may want to consider a school-wide birthday/special occasion policy.
  3. Robin Hollis – Introduction of Evie McLemore – assistant principal for the day – if you would like your child to be assistant principal then you can purchase raffle tickets at either front office. The use of the funds supports hospitality – planning events for teachers/staff. One child is selected each month and announced at Friday Sing.
  4. Michelle Lawrence – discussed ways to help support the school year round
    1. Heather Smith – created spreadsheet that was distributed and also emailed to all parents’ representatives. You can also check the website and Thursday notes for a copy.
    2. Requirement of 1 hour per week/child – so roughly 40 hours a school year per child.
    3. There are several flexible opportunities – you can pick what you like, day/time, at home. Special request for morning traffic helper and library helper.
    4. Book Fair – Oct. 6-10th, sign-up sheet passed around. Can work in 2 hour shifts and there is one evening (Thursday). Theme is “Sir Read-a-lots Castle”. If your business would like to make a donation it is appreciated.       Teachers have wish lists and every child will be able to select a book. The funds raised will support the classroom and school libraries.
    5. Keep track of your volunteer hours – this helps when applying for grants.
    6. Encourage volunteering – your child loves to see you at their school.
  5. Link to shopping cards – information is on volunteer spreadsheet. Current grocery stores are Food Lion, Harris Teeter and Lowes Foods. You may also link Target Red Cards.
  6. Box tops – last year raised $1100 for school. You can volunteer from home – clipping and counting box tops – contact Lisa Ransom for more information. Collection days are throughout the year and there is a large tube inside the glass doors in the café for collection.
  7. Fall fest – October 25th – from 12-3pm, Tommy Priest is coordinating event and needs volunteers. (Note DATE CHANGE from previously published date of October 18th).
  8. Parent recommended website – Mightynest.com for purchase of reusable lunch containers – a certain percent of sale will go back to child’s school.

Next meeting is Friday, October 10th, 2014.