PC Minutes from September 11th. 2015

Parent Council Meeting

Friday, September 11, 2015


WELCOME!- Lindsay Deibler, PC Co-Chair

There were 40 parents/guardians present- YAY! Remember, coming to Parent Council meetings counts as volunteer time!

UPCOMING EVENTS:                                                                                                       

  • Fall Fest Saturday, October 3rd 12pm-3pm –  Tommy Priest
    • *Admission Fee- $5 per child, adults are free
    • *Location- Courtyard at 7th Street

*Games List- We need one activity per grade level, not per class but grade level. Some ideas from activities in the past: basketball shooting, House of Style, Face Painting, Soccer, beanbag toss, freeze dance, football toss, book mark making station, fortune teller, twister, cupcake walk, make your own tie-dye (additional cost)

*Stage set up for various musical acts- if any parent is a musician, please contact Tommy

*Julee Nunley offered up leftover supplies from last year for House of Style if needed

*Food Trucks will be in parking lot/drive way

*Book Fair for K-8 will be open at the 7th St. Building

*Joy Blaser volunteered to run a photo station

*Discussion of “Square” payment options for various activities that are an additional cost like photos & tie-dye

  • Book Fair Monday Sept 28 to Sat Oct 3 Lindsay Deibler

PLEASE consider volunteering! Sign-Up on VolunteerSpot:  http://vols.pt/gtyRJz

Theme= Monster Madness

We need help with Book Fair Set-up Monday morning

There will be no evening shopping night this year. Book Fair is open on Fall Festival Day instead!

Consider volunteering at the Book Fair during the school day for class “preview” & “purchase”            days, also.


Principals Report:Robin Hollis, Principal

  • Discussion: Using student photos on social media
    • Robin explained the new policy regarding students filmed and posted for public viewing. There were issues specifically with Peter and the Wolf and Romeo and Juliet last year that brought this discussion to light.
    • This year, ABS sent out a form that stated “my student can be filmed and that film may be shared….” A concern was raised at the Board meeting re: parents taking pictures and sharing these on social media. We are now on Shutterfly where everyone has a password for viewing. Concerns were raised again with yearbook photos, etc..
    • Robin asked for some feedback with parents sharing photos on Social Media. She explained that she & Paige have a hard enough time keeping up with middle school social media issues that are brought to their attention.
    • Joy Blaser explained that she has been researching the Social Media “posting photo” issue. She has had a unique experience with posting pictures for years of her kids and their friends and has only posted photos of kids whose parents she is friends with on the social media site. She expressed a need for general guideline for the school.
    • Adrienne Lawrence explained that unless you are selling photos, you are legally fine to take and post pictures of anyone. If it’s in a marketing source or on a website, permission is needed.
    • Another parent explained that she works at a school where there are layers of permission forms for each student. Parents there are asked to be aware that other parents may post pictures of your student.
    • Robin explained that ABS will only post pictures of students whose parents have agreed to allow to post.
    • A parent asked why anyone would have an issue. Discussion commenced re: custody issues, etc…
    • Robin explained a documentary about a neighbor filming and publishing a film about another neighbor… Her concern= classroom teachers having to be alerted along with class reps so that they don’t post pictures of students. It is a great deal to remember and manage for both teachers and parent reps.
    • Julee Nunley expressed a concern with posting on Facebook’s “ABES Parent Council” account since this site is NOT affiliated with or managed by the actual Parent Council. Concerns were raised about a few negative postings in the past. Discussion & questions related to who manages this FB page.
    • A parent asked if there were many parents who asked student pictures not to be published.
    • Robin wanted to ask parents to come up with some sort of statement of expectation- How do we find a safe middle space where people’s wishes to be followed?
      • Suggestion: can we ask before each event who can have a picture taken?
      • Robin explained that she is looking for the parents who care if the pictures are posted.
    • A parent asked about the Shutterfly account because you can click on pictures and save them to purchase.
    • Lindsay pointed out that some students let parents know not to take/post their pictures.
    • We resolved= Robin needs parent help with creating a policy for ABS parents to feel included while not feeling violated.
    • We were reminded that posting on Shutterfly is fine so that Sherri can pull from these for the yearbook.
    • Parents who volunteered to help set up this policy:
      • Joy Blaser
      • Heather Levinson

Parent asked about information regarding AG and HAG certification. Robin explained that we cover all levels of education at ABS and have for 14 years. She suggested that parents talk with individual teachers about any concerns.

Parent asked about dropping off too early for K-Kids. A reminder that parents are to stay with students until the doors are unlocked even for K-Kids meeting. Some parents let students out early and pulled out, passing other cars waiting for the correct drop off time. Another parent suggested starting the K-Kids and Builders’ Club meetings at 7:50 so that this is not an issue.


  • Parent Council Meeting: Friday, October 9, 8:15-9:15 am, Resource Room in MLK Building

ABS Board Meeting: Tuesday, October 13. 5:45-7:00 pm, 7th Stre