PC Minutes from October 10, 2014

Parent Council Minutes
Friday, October 10th, 2014

WELCOME! Michelle Lawrence

Book Fair Recap: Mackenzie Calhoun & Amy Archambault

  • $9,000+ so far!
  • Kudos on decorations from parents to the many volunteers!
  • Remember teacher wish lists & that on line book fair goes on longer

Fall Fest: Saturday, October 25th: Tommy Priest

  • Street Soccer coming
  • tie-dye shirts from Retro Art folks- donated service with a small charge for shirts
  • food trucks- vegetarian options, taco truck, Camel City, Italian Ice, Ice Cream, etc.
  • classes will sponsor various activities
  • Study Art Supplies doing activity and raffle
  • $5 per child and parents are free!
  • CD release party for Mrs. Siebert
  • Several bands and musical acts
  • Various number of volunteers needed for each activity
  • It’s going to be AWESOME! FUN fundraiser for our school. Invite the friends & grandparents! Bring the whole family!

Farm Festival tomorrow morning @ Children’s Home with ABS Glee Club, other bands, etc.

  • $5 Parking Donation
  • Sunday night showing of Goonies downtown 6-9pm

Movie Afternoon: November 21st: Lindsay Beane

  • Great fund raiser
  • We need volunteers for popcorn making, set up, watching bathrooms, selling refreshments, clean up
  • Early dismissal- 2:30 dismissal
  • Great opportunities for volunteers! Parents can volunteer for a little bit of time or a larger chunk of time.
  • Please remember that parents must park and come into the building to pick up the children.

Positive Discipline Workshop: Saturday, November 8th : Michelle Lawrence

  • Saturday morning 9-12
  • $10 fee per family
  • Child Care provided
  • Our principal, Robin Hollis, leads this workshop
  • Planned based on what parents communicate as needs for individual families
  • Many families come multiple times to continue to reinforce positive discipline at home
  • A parent commented that this workshop has very positively effected their parenting/family at home

January Jam: January 16th (Need Coordinators) : Michelle Lawrence

  • Both buildings have a dance
  • We really need a coordinator for this fun activity!
  • $5 admission
  • Another fun opportunity for accumulating volunteer hours!
  • More information to come soon

CAMPAIGN UPDATES : Michelle Lawrence
Capital Campaign

  • Goal was $500,000 and we are currently at $400,000. Great work!
  • This is the one-time fund raiser to support ABS expansion to the 7th St. Building
  • This money helps with supplying new building with technology needs, etc.

Annual Giving 2013-2014 Results

  • $33,000+ donations from last spring
  • 60% of families donated last spring
  • This fund is once-a-year that covers daily operating needs- art supplies, etc.
  • This is in place of magazine selling or door-to-door selling, etc.

TESTING: WHAT DOES IT ALL MEAN? Robin Hollis, Principal

BOGs, EOGs, MAP, MClass & Other Evaluation Methods

  • Testing Data is attached
  • As a charter school, we are a public school and we are required to give all standardized tests required by NC
  • Youngest students take MClass 3D- our kids did well and few were impacted.
  • The NC law states that if students don’t pass any of the evaluations in 3rd grade, they are not allowed to move up to 4th grade.
  • Parents are notified often if there are concerns with your 3rd grade student
  • NC requires that parents be notified with each evaluation
  • Several parts of the testing involves reading nonsense words so that was practiced separately from “real reading” to help the students understand this difference
  • ABS’ goal is always to meet the goals put forth for our kids. We do our best to be sure they are successful.
  • BOG- taken at the beginning of 3rd
  • EOG- May of school year for 3rd-8th grades
  • EOC- End of Course for 8th grade students in specific math classes
  • Map Testing (3-8)- is a choice ABS made for assessing our students. It’s a computerized test that differentiates based on what the students know already and what they need more practice with. This data is taking beginning, middle and end of year. Students get as much time as they need for this. BIG PICTURE= this takes a good bit of time but the information gained for teachers to address student needs makes this worth while.
  • ABS teachers are working to determine how to “Grow” our kids even more year to year
  • Testing information available on the ncpublicschools.org site.
  • Map Testing (3rd-8th) is Nationally Normed. This is why we take these tests at ABS so that our students are compared to the nation.
  • Map Testing is based on the Common Core curriculum at this time.
  • A parent commented to her own 8th grade student who can now decipher her own scoring as she completes each round of map testing. She understands the areas she needs to continue to work on a bit more, etc. and takes responsibility for her education. It is encouraging for students and parents to see how students grow from year-to-year. The results accumulate over time.
  • The Map testing is still going on at ABS. Results will be out within the next 2 weeks.
  • Parents are informed each time tests are being taken as well as results when they are available.

Tuesday Tutoring

  • A few years ago, Tuesday Tutoring was put into place at ABS.
  • This is offered to students who may need help in specific areas.
  • Teachers work these sessions.
  • Students are asked to stay based on individual student need.
  • Map Testing, EOG, etc. are used to determine which students stay for this extra help.

** Some discussion about charter schools and the differences in a school like ABS and public schools in relation to teacher evaluations, providing transportation, etc.

** No decisions on the Nut Free discussion at this time. Teachers are discussing this to determine birthday celebrations, etc. More information to come regarding this issue…


  • Board of Directors: DATE CHANGE: Thursday, October 16th @5:45pm, 7th Street Bldg.
  • Parent Council: No Regular Meeting in November, Positive Discipline Workshop on Saturday, November 8th from 9am – noon. Sign up in front office, $10/family. Child care will be provided.