PC Minutes from November 13, 2015

WELCOME!  Lindsay Deibler, PC Co-Chair

Miss Litchke was introduced as the assistant principal of the day.

*Please encourage families to purchase tickets for their students to be Assistant Principal for the day! All proceeds go to our ABS hospitality budget so that we can take care great of our teachers and staff. Remember that all students are eligible! Buy your tickets today!

UPCOMING EVENTS:  Lindsay Beane                  

  • Movie Day November 20

*This is the only early-release movie day this year!

*We still have a few volunteer slots open.

*A parent asked about sending money in early for snacks and it was explained that snack money needs to come in the day of with the student.

*Parents need to park and walk in to pick up the students at 2:30.

*The movies are Inside Out and Aristocats. One parent asked about what movie is played first and there was discussion about this. There is no planned order for playing the movies that day.

  • Mast General Store Fundraiser: Lindsay Deibler

*We have been given the opportunity to wrap gifts at Mast for donations. We were told that we needed to provide the wrapping paper and supplies. Now we have some donations to purchase this.

*We are signed up on Friday, December 11th 12-9pm and Sunday the13th 11-6pm.

*We will do 1-2 hour shift. One parent volunteered to do Volunteer Spot to man this.

*One parent offered to donate some supplies. Another said that Ollie’s has paper on sale.

*Emily Ball offered to man this.

*A parent suggested that kids make some extra decorative supplies to include in this.



  • Letter about social media etiquette

*Everyone received a letter to review.

*Robin reiterated that from now on, this will be shared at the beginning of the year each year and with New Parent Orientation at the beginning of the year.

*Please read and respect these wishes when dealing with photographing students.


PRINCIPALS REPORT: Robin Hollis, Principal

  • Testing: MAP and EOG results
  • Robin reminded us that NC has not released the “State Report Card” but that is coming out December 1st.
  • MClass is a nationally normed test and the tests start at the students’ level and progresses up or down from there.
  • This gives teachers feedback about what each student needs more help with what each student needs.
  • Our average scores are far ahead of the national mean.
  • We send this information out to each child’s parent after each testing session.
  • A parent asked about this being a charter school-only test. Robin explained that this is a state-wide test. NC is actually considering making this the standardized test instead of EOGs.
  • A parent asked about the large range of data between 3rd and 8th Robin agreed to provide more data on this if requested.
  • NC also provides “expected growth” that we have to meet.
  • Robin passed out some sample EOG math and science questions for parents to attempt. She explained some test modifications and the reason we need so many adults and man power in May for EOG. She had parents raise hands if they had a fraction question on the sample given and most hands were raised. She pointed out that at our school we teach all math and include a variety of math skills all year long.
  • She explained that there are released test questions from past EOGs that parents can check out on line.
  • Various genres included in the Reading EOGs. Math & Science are also heavy in reading. Real science does not resemble this test. The Science EOG is heavy on vocabulary because it’s hard to complete Science experiments and test those real experiences.
  • We want to point out that many schools feel the need to only focus on and teach the subjects tested. We want to have well-rounded students engaged in many types of subjects and learning.
  • A parent asked if parents are ever asked for input. Robin explained that there are cycles of reviewing standards every 4 years with a few teachers included on that. Common Core changed all the standards at one time. Whatever the test is testing, that is what will be addressed in classrooms.
  • A parent explained that there used to be times when teachers were asked for feedback on newer tests being created, like with field test questions.
  • A parent asked about Read To Achieve changing. This was a law passed several years ago that stated all readers should be able to read by 3rd All students not passing were to be retained. Unfortunately, at that time about 50% of the nation’s 3rd graders didn’t pass so this was changed. Sometimes a child can meet standards with one assessment and not as well on another. Right now, with Read To Achieve we have to send out a letter stating a student is at risk for retention if he/she doesn’t do well with the BOG in fall. We still complete Mclass and Map testing for these “At-Risk” students and have to do more progress monitoring for them throughout the year.
  • There are more ways to address individual needs now than there was in past years. Retention is only one consideration. At our school, we are very conscientious about this.
  • A parent asked about a Transition Class that some schools have. Robin explained that we don’t have enough kids to make a whole class at the 3rd grade level. We provide a lot of interventions in and outside of the classroom like tutoring and summer school.
  • We have a Title One reading teacher- CeCe McQuire and other pieces in place. Robin explained that another is our School Assistance Team that can intervene at a classroom teachers’ request at any time.
  • A parent asked about Map Testing and how teachers address students at varying levels. Robin explained that teachers deliver the math curriculum, for example, with fidelity according to needs for each student.
  • She explained that teachers have a day with a sub, after data is released, to sit down with the grade level to review data and plan how to address students among the grade in an appropriate manner, sometimes by sharing students across the grade levels to group and re-teach material.
  • In the Investigations Math curriculum, there is teaching, remediation, review &/or simply moving forward with understanding.
  • Several teachers and staff members are taking an on line course to understand even better how to address math curriculum.
  • A parent asked about students changing classes to have modified curriculum and Robin explained most teachers keep their students close to address any concerns or issues.
  • A parent asked about what lower-grades teachers help address this goal. First grade, for example, would focus on reading skills so that the students can read the test when they roll into higher grades.
  • Robin explained that we look through the lense of giving what your students need at your grade-level. She also explained that all of the teachers at our school- music, art, dance are still in math workshops, etc.
  • We know kids are successful when we address the whole being.
  • Robin told parents that she does not want parents to worry about testing. The top achievers and lowest achievers all can worry if we let them. We want them to be comfortable and enjoying the whole experience of school.
  • Lindsey D. pointed out that grouping happens and highest or lowest is addressed without it being obvious.
  • A parent pointed out that volunteering to proctor helps ease anxiety for parents and students.

*A parent asked if we would be getting extra funding. She had heard that more money has been released for charter schools. Robin explained that our budget is differently managed because we receive a lump sum to pay for students per student enrolled. All other funds come from our fundraising efforts, etc. Robin explained that some funding has been opening up for new-start charter schools.



  • ABS Board of Directors Meeting: Tuesday, February 9, 5:45-7:00 pm, 7th Street Building
  • Parent Council: Friday, December 11, 8:15-9:15 am, Resource Room in MLK Building

Parent Council Letter on Social Media Etiquette at The Arts Based School


Dear Parents,

Throughout the school year, we delight in seeing the pictures you take of your students hard at work, enjoying their specials, and on field trips. However, it is important to remember that each family is different and may have their own preferences when it comes to posting their child’s picture on social media.

The school already has in place a policy which allows parents to opt out of their child’s picture being placed on the school’s official social media sites. But when it comes to parents posting on their personal social media sites, the school is simply unable to police what is posted. Therefore, we ask that you follow some simple etiquette tips when deciding what to post online.

When you have a picture that features other children besides your own, reach out to each child’s parents and ask them if it is OK for you to post the picture and be respectful of their preference. If you post a picture and a parent requests that you remove it, please do so.

We know that our community thrives on diversity and that there are many different mindsets when it comes to the sharing of information online. We also know that this can be a sensitive subject, but that by working together, we can make sure that the needs of all our families are met respectfully.