PC Minutes from March 13, 2015

WELCOME! 8:15am
Michelle Lawrence
PC Co-Chair

UPCOMING EVENTS:  8:15-8:40am
Michelle Lawrence

  • Results: Movie Afternoon March 6

* Thank you to Lindsay Beane for coordinating!

    1. 230 kids attended
    2. $1480.50 profit
    3. This was the last movie afternoon for this school year.
    4. Thank you to all who helped make each one a success!
  • We need pictures for our awesome ABS yearbook!
    1. Request for yearbook pictures by 4/1 (dbrown@artsbasedschool.com).  We need pictures from any grade level or class performances or activities!
  • Parent Council Board Elections May 8
    1. There are still some Parent Council positions available.  Please check Parent Council link on ABS website for more information.
    2. We need 2 annual giving coordinators, a co-chair for PC, Technical Support person, and other positions.
    3. You have to be a parent or guardian to be on the PC Board.
  • Reminder about Annual Giving in April
    1. Parent Reps. will be sending weekly reminders home with students.  These parent reps will have a training in April.  Two training sessions- one in the a.m. and one in the p.m.- will be set for every rep. to be able to attend.
    2. Our goal is participation with this campaign.  Reps are simply letting parents know the information and ways that this money helps the school.
    3. This was launched at the ABS Board meeting on Tuesday.  We usually have 100% participation from the ABS board each year.  They show such great support!

Principal’s Report:  8:40-9:15am Robin Hollis, Principal

  • Snow Day Update
    • Our snow days in the last school year have exceeded the typical amount.
    • We haven’t made these up because we have added hours already built into the calendar.
    • The teachers and parents we have heard from expressed concern about missed curriculum from missing these days.
    • The Board came up with a make-up policy for next year.  There will be 3 “grace” days for the next school year.  After these first 3 days, we begin to make up these days with days already built in.  These will be announced on the calendar.  For example, there are some extra Spring Break days built in and days at the end of the year that could be used for snow days if needed.
    • This will be announced on the next Thursday notes.
  • Testing Update
    • MAP (Measure of Academic Progress) Testing
      • We still out perform the national mean in measures of academic progress.
      • The younger the student is, the larger the “jump” is to make.
      • Teachers are given time to review testing data and plan accordingly after each test is given.
      • One of our Map Testing challenges is that it is a great deal of testing for students, especially in 3rd grade.  We would love to tweak this so that the amount of testing is reduced for the students.  We are trying to determine how many assessments each student may need based on his/her needs increase/decrease.  The data is helpful to parents and teachers.
      • This objective data is helpful for many reasons for teachers and parents.
      • A parent asked if it was possible to not do the session of Map testing for 3rd graders during EOG season.  Robin explained that it’s helpful to keep the Map testing because some students do better on this test than on EOG or mCLASS.
      • Another parent asked about student stress during test taking time.  Robin explained that our teachers try very hard to be honest with students and instruct them to be comfortable with this process.
      • A parent asked about the 3 assessments being discussed.  Robin explained:
        • mCLASS is given one-on-one by teacher.  This data is sent to state and the results are given K-3.  Reading expectations are varied depending on the time of year.  This is given to each student, K-3, at least 3 times a year.
        • MAP testing starts in 3rd grade.
        • EOG is 3rd-8th.  BOG comes at the beginning of the year for 3rd grade to serve as benchmark
        • Testing is not the “end all be all” for this school.  We prepare the students and work with many different levels of students.  We value the fact that our students love coming to school and understand that they are great students in many other aspects than testing.
        • A parent commented that last year it was published that our low income students at ABS performed higher than any other schools’ low income students.
        • There are talks of less testing in our state.  The issues are that teachers are being measured by student data.  Now our state is backed in a corner since some teachers can not measured (art, dance, etc)
        • Robin wanted to clarify that testing is not a bad thing.  Having student data and being able to react to that data is extremely helpful for educators.  It’s the standardized way we are often required to asses that is a challenge for many to understand and accept.
      • EOG Timeline & Prep
        • This schedule has been changed a little.  This testing has to be within the last 3 weeks of school (State law)  Monday, May 18 will be the first day of EOG.  The test will last off and on for the last 3 weeks for retesting if needed.  Math 1 will be given Friday, May 15.
        • We are administering Math testing before the Reading component this year.


  • There have to be at least 2 adults within each session so consider volunteering during these EOG days.


Additional Information:

*An officer will be directing traffic on the 7th street entrance starting Monday.

*Boxed lunches may be offered for Mondays from MudPies.  Usually a sandwich, fruit, snack included.  See Thursday notes for more information.

*A new structure for carline pick up is being put in place to try for afternoon pickup.

*A link to the Parent Satisfaction survey is on Thursday Notes.  Please give us feedback.  We want to fix problems and address any concerns.  We use the data for marketing our school and grant applications, etc.


  • Parent Council Meeting: Friday, April 10, 8:15-9:15 am, Resource Room in MLK Building

ABS Board Meeting: Tuesday, April 14. 5:45-7:00 pm, 7th Street Building