PC Minutes from March 11, 2016

WELCOME!  8:15 am                                                                     Lindsay Deibler, PC Co-Chair

Annual Giving

  • Everyone can still Remember that ANY amount helps us to reach our goals for 100% participation!

Vending Machine – Middle School Building,

Paige Raper- Assistant Principal

  • A parent posed a question about the vending machines in the middle school building.
  • There are 2 machines in the Middle One for drinks and one for snacks. This was done when this building opened partially due to no milk being served on pizza day (there is no kitchen in which to store milk)
  • Parents of current students chose the vending items when the building was built.
  • Robin explained that the students moving into the middle school building years ago were asked what they would like in their middle school and vending machines was on that wish list.
  • Teachers have rules in place for visiting vending machines per grade. For specific times, it would be best to contact the teacher about details.
  • All products are nut free on the current vending list.
  • Parent Council will receive the current list to check back into this.


Robin Hollis- Principal

  • Construction Update
  • A development company is building a large housing building on the corner (currently the grass field) on Patterson and MLK. This will consume our current gravel parking lot, causing concern for anyone trying to visit school.
  • Options for parking are being looked at closely by the board: looking closely at gravel drive near playground, renting space for parking form the owner of the land behind our building, etc.
  • A parent asked about using Goler lot for parking for school events, Robin explained that is another option with concern and care.
  • The number of units for this building was asked Construction starts soon.
  • Robin pointed out that this is a “Wait and See” period in order to find our other options.
  • A parent asked about safety plans re: our play field during construction in that area.
  • A parent explained that some Goler representatives had stopped them in that lot about putting a traffic arm.
  • A parent asked “Could we build a land bridge across MLK from the Winston Cup Museum?” Robin explained that the land bridge would be very expensive. Robin explained that she has spoken with a police officer about how to manage this route to/from school because it’s dangerous.
  • Robin explained that there are many items for the board to consider along with this construction … a middle school bldg. that is full, the need for performance space, etc.


  • A parent asked if we have heard back from the state re: AG programing at Robin explained that we have not heard from them yet.


Testing FAQ (MAP results, mClass, EOG information)

  • Robin shared the updated Student Achievement results that she has shared with the board.
  • She explained that the MAP tests represented here are individualized. They start with grade-level questions and progress as needed per student.
  • Parents have received progress reports as each assessment is completed.
  • A parent pointed out that during MAP testing this round, the fight/screaming scene for Romeo & Juliet was being rehearsed at the same time her students’ class was testing. Robin also pointed out that this is a nationally normed test so sometimes questions are asked with the assessment that have not yet been addressed with curriculum.
  • Robin pointed out that NC has not released state-leveled data so we don’t have that information to compare yet.
  • Robin pointed out that expectations rise year-by-year so some students plateau then pick back up as they naturally grow and learn.
  • She expressed her curiosity with the new legislature for states to mandate testing. Maybe K-3 will be tested a little less than currently…
  • MClass requires more of a constant test routine.
  • EOG testing (End of Grade) will run later in May… We need 15-20 proctors every day during the testing period.
  • Robin shared that NCPublicschools.org has sample EOG questions available for you to read through.


Tutoring update

  • Changing the tutoring part of our day to an after school piece.
  • Differentiation is something we are focusing on consistently.
  • Board members asked about students struggling and having trouble. Robin clarified that most struggling students continue to receive support from other staff (Resource teachers, etc.)


Lice Update

  • The board has asked a committee to review the current policy.
  • Robin has asked by the board for an overall parent opinion, as well as an overall staff opinion.
  • Most school systems currently fall into 3 categories:
    • no nit
    • no live lice
    • no live/nit permitted
  • She asked that parents communicate with the board opinions re: this issue.
  • A parent pointed out that she proposed the letter to the board to switch our policy to no live lice/nits permitted. She pointed out that lice doesn’t pose a health risk, according to the CDC, etc. that she has researched.
  • She pointed out that once her daughter was treated, she was much less likely to share lice than she had been the days before lice was found.
  • Robin pointed out that some treatments do not kill nits so it’s still a concern for spreading.
  • Robin pointed out that many families do not want to have to use insecticide on their children so she understands the concern for no nit policy due to this. She explained that she feels comfortable with a clearer policy instead of being responsible case-by-case. She pointed out that some nits are non-viable and some still may be.
  • She pointed out that many other districts have more support staff for taking care of the situation (nurses, ..) She points out that most medical experts do point out that school is not a place where lice spreads due to that environment. ABS had a greater amount of interaction than many places.
  • Lice are only viable for 24 hours on a non-human.
  • Laurie Valentine pointed out that this is a justice issue also. She pointed out that students missing school should not be our goal.
  • Robin explained that the committee working on this issue will keep us up-to-date. She will talk with Michelle and Lindsay about a survey of some kind for parents to give input regarding our lice survey.
  • Laurie proposed that more information come home with students at the beginning of the school year, also, so parents are better educated on this topic.


Other concerns:


  • YMCA no longer has funding for swimming lessons with school groups.
  • Our students in 1st-3rd typically go in either fall or spring. This is no longer possible with the cost the Y would need to charge.
  • Robin explained that they are looking at sending one grade level instead of all 3 grade levels. Another option is to ask parents to help fund this program.


  • There are 60 students having lunch at all times during this part of the day now. There are no classes alternating between classrooms and the cafeteria as we have in the past.
  • Robin held a class meeting with students about ideas to better lunch time for them.
  • Students were very thoughtful with ideas for shows to watch on the TVs during lunch. A parent concern that students were not able to visit with each other during the lunch time if a TV is on was shared.
  • She explained that the levels of noise and cafeteria issues has certainly decreased after tuning into Educational TV programs.
  • Robin shared that the School Leadership Team will revisit this concern later today.
  • A parent asked about why this is a concern and Robin explained the concerns at lunch (keeping kids safe, being sure they eat at lunch time, etc…)
  • Robin explained that ABS gives teachers duty-free lunch in the K-4 building. The MLK building teachers all eat lunch with students.
  • Middle schoolers eat outside a great deal. A parent asked why they are not allowed to play afterwards and Paige explained that lunch time is about eating and visiting and there is a concern that eating would be skipped if students were allowed to play. Also, all students at the 7th St. building eat lunch at the same time.
  • Middle School students have PE and recess so play time is given at other times of the day.


Volunteer Hours:

  • A parent asked about having clearer reminders for families for keeping volunteer hours so that volunteers can be used for covering things like teacher lunch times, etc.



  • ABS Board of Directors Meeting: Tuesday, April 12, 5:45-7:00 pm, 7th Street Building
  • Parent Council: Friday, April 8th, 8:15-9:15 am, Resource Room in MLK Building