PC Minutes from December 15, 2017



Traffic Committee:

  • Continuing to focus on areas to improve traffic areas around the school
  • Working with Share the Ride on ideas for solutions
  • Wade is working with police dept. to get more presence around the school
  • Meeting this afternoon to compile report for Feb. meeting

ABS Day Bookmarks

  • The Bookmarks event (12/1) was successful with 10% of sales $295 going to ABS and $75 worth of books for the library
  • The guest authors (Kyle and Gabe) received great reception – many parents attended and authors had a good time signing and selling books (approx. 25)
  • Would like to do this again next year (12/2/18)

ABS Sweatshirt Orders

  • Parents can buy sweatshirts for themselves and students
  • Adult-size is a longer sweatshirt
  • Many color options
  • Deadline to order is before MLK weekend (Jan. 12) and will distribute to families from ABS
  • Order via the link

January Jam (Jan. 12, 2:30 – 4:00, in MLK Building)

  • Only for 5th – 8th grade
  • Link to sign up is in Thursday notes
  • $5 to enter and concessions will be sold


Proposed Calendar

  • State law requires 180 days of school
  • Spring Break next academic year falls later than usual
  • Process is with parents and staff, email suggestions to Robin which will be taken to the board for approval
  • Shifted last year so parents could find child care during breaks
  • Three snow days are excused
  • Please peruse for typos
  • Half days count as an educational day
  • Try to keep one day off a month for teachers

NC School Report Card

  • The Snapshot – reading scores outshine math scores
    • Staff development on shifting the math and reading:
    • First step was resource “Accessible Mathematics” – apply what you do in reading class to math class for deeper level of understanding (such as asking “why?” in Math)
    • Math was taught a certain way generations ago – Jo Boaler wrote a book about re-imagining math; understand what math is really about; work on developing and figuring it out; anxiety and fear can stop people from doing math
    • Hired Melissa Rareshide to coach teachers on Math – guided math groups interacting on what they are teaching, every child talks and explain what they are doing and let the child to talk more until they get to the “aha” moment
    • ABS administration feels good about the math subject matter currently being taught
    • Low floor/High ceiling activity – whole idea is to spark an interest and look at the world in a mathematical view; encourages discussion on how they arrived at their answers
  • The website featuring reports cards is color-coded – green= met growth; gray = did not meet growth; star= exceeded growth
  • ABS met growth
  • org (video) – website that serves as a resource for learning math; mistakes are when learning happens and it’s a challenging environment