PC Minutes from August 17th, 2015

Staff/Rep Breakfast

STAFF INTRODUCTIONS & UPDATES | Robin Hollis, Principal, Paige Raper, Asst. Principal

PC BOARD INTRODUCTIONS | Michelle Hopkins Lawrence, Parent Council Co-Chair

HOSPITALITY REPORT | Lynn Silkstone, Hospitality Coordinator

• Hospitality Funds (Parent Donations, Asst Principal Monthly Raffle)
o we use to acknowledge staff birthdays throughout the year
o explanation of how Asst. Principal raffle works

• Staff “Favorites” Surveys
o Encourage teachers to return these surveys for parents to reference throughout the year
o The classroom reps will link these teacher surveys to the class website this year

• Hospitality Schedule
o We plan: breakfast today, for Teacher Appreciation, ½ days lunch or breakfast provided
o Staff meeting snacks are coordinated by Lynn- each classroom has one month to provide snacks

CLASS & SPECIALIST REPS | Lindsay Deibler and Michelle, Parent Council Co-Chairs
• Introductions – Meet the Reps!
o All reps & teacher matches introduced
o The 3- 7th and 8th grade reps are sharing the 3 teachers & will determine how to work that out.

• Contact List – Who’s Who
o A few email corrections were shared. Michelle will share those electronically.

• Job Description – What Did I Sign Up For??
o Chaperone Policy- no siblings can attend field trips, etc. PLEASE share electronically with parents and be sure to check in on this periodically throughout the year.

• Volunteer Hours – Log that Time!
o Stephanie LeFever will be sending out links to record your hours.
o Be sure to remember that coming to Parent Council meetings counts as volunteer hours!

 Reminders
 Celebrity Chef night on August 26th 6-9pm
 Fall Festival October 3rd with Rain Date of October 10th
 Annual Giving will be in the fall this year- Fall Festival will be the kick off.
 Field Day, etc. will come later and we will need volunteers for all of these events
 Please send pictures for yearbook to Sherri Carter who will be doing the yearbook this year!
 A question was asked if there could be a photographer rep from each class in order to assure candids as well as performance shots are shared. Parents were asked to remind parents to take pictures any time they are able and share these on the class website.


• Communication with classes | Amy Archambault and Sherri Carter
• Use of Shutterfly- Using Shutterfly, school-wide, will help to keep this communication and volunteer organization simple for all involved.
o A parent shared that it is sometimes a challenge for some parents to access Shutterfly so we need to remind them that this will help them to understand needs from each classroom since each classroom will be using this one site

• Month-at-a-Glance – The “Go To” Guide
o This information is emailed to Staff & Class Reps the 1st of each month (instead of the whole year at once). Please communicate with your teacher to be sure this is all accurate and there are no additions, etc.
o This is not to be shared with classes in it’s entirety.
o Some information needs to be shared as soon as possible- performances especially- only if dates are confirmed.
o Michelle reviewed a few dates that are not confirmed. She will confirm and communicate these dates asap.

• Parent Council Agendas
o Please attend the Parent Council meetings as often as you can.
o Submit proposed agenda topics a week in advance to Lindsay or Michelle.
o Final agendas emailed to Staff & Reps on Tuesday a week before meeting.
o Remind parents that issues/concerns brought up to class reps are addressed at Parent Council.


SHUTTERFLY HELP in the computer lab