PC Minutes from April 8, 2016


Lindsay Deibler, PC Co-Chair

Nominations for Parent Council Board

  1. Robin reminded us that the nominations can be self-nominations and others are.
  2. Let Lindsay know if you are interested in any position.
  3. We will vote for each position at the meeting on May 13.

Teacher Appreciation Week – (starts May 2nd)  Take a few minutes to appreciate our wonderful teaching staff at ABS!  Don’t forget the specialists!

  1. Parent Reps will handle communicating this to families for each of the classes.  Some schedule Monday-Friday activities (example: Monday- bring a flower for your teacher, Tuesday- bring a sweet treat, etc)  Some class reps. just send a few reminders for families to remember to show appreciation in some way.  Remember that teachers have filled out surveys of their favorite things!
  2. Sometimes Parent Council hosts a breakfast during this week.  More information to come.

Field Day – last day of school

  1. We brainstormed the issue of parking for volunteers.
    1. Maybe Winston Cup Museum, Funeral Home, Church, etc for parking.
  2. Each class has a station/game to manage.
  3. Information will be coming soon for class reps to begin planning.

Community Creates

  1. This fundraiser is for adults and is a really fun way to raise money for all sorts of wonderful programs at ABS.
  2. This event features many local artists and includes a live auction, silent auction and “100 for $100” portion of the night.
  3. Food and drinks included in the price of admission.
  4. We ask for several volunteers to support the event for set up, clean up, and event management during the event itself.
  5. There are many local artists paired with ABS faculty or staff or families and so many wonderful pieces to consider.
  6. May 7th  7-11 pm.
  7. It’s a great event to bring friends (Girls Night Out or Date Night!)


PRINCIPAL’S REPORT: Robin Hollis  Principal, Vending Machine Paige Raper Asst. Principal

  1. We spoke about this during our last meeting.
  2. The vendor is working to change their program so that the location chooses what is available in the vending machine.
  3. The vendor sent us a list from Novant Health with recommendations based on the items they have in machines at their locations.
  4. We are waiting for the vendor to let us know about the new program before we make any changes/decisions.
  5. We have not heard from the drink vendors yet.  Water is available in the machine along with sports drinks, etc.


Other discussion:

Upcoming 8th grade performance is a free event, however 8th grade students will have priority tickets for family/friends to enter first.

May 24 will be the first day of EOGs- Remember that ABS will need a large number of proctors for each EOG day.  More information to come in early May.



ABS Board of Directors Meeting: Tuesday, April 12, 5:45-7:00 pm, 7th Street Building

Parent Council: Friday, May 13th, 8:15-9:15 am, Resource Room in MLK Building