PC Minutes from April 13, 2018

ABS Parent Council Meeting Minutes 4-13-18


Roderick, Lupe Pen, Tay, Sarah

  • Leading child care provider
  • Helps with school festivals; teacher appreciation week
  • School administration attend a luncheon
  • Offer financial assistance
  • Special rates for early release days
  • ABS has 29 kids enrolled for after school program
  • 2017 gave $8,500 for financial assistance
  • Have other after school program activities to supplement for no homework – bring in outside resources, field trips
  • Treat the teachers; family nights


Annual Giving – Final Report

  • 70% participation rate! (kudos to the class reps)
  • $59K was raised
  • Several generous families paid for other families which bumped up participation rate
  • Suggested: make others aware of the opportunity to donate on behalf of families
  • Families can still give after the deadline


Parent Council Board Elections

  • Interested in learning the annual giving chair position can shadow the current chairs (especially need a parent from the middle school)
  • Co-chair, secretary, tech coordinator positions available

Community Creates (May 5)

  • Party – selling/buying art
  • Tickets are on sale now at $50 ahead of time or $60 at the door (purchase through Eventbrite)
  • Need volunteers for set-up on Friday, various needs during the event, and clean-up on Sunday
  • Still looking for sponsors

Book Swap at Field Day

  • Book swap – students can shop books for free at Field Day (elementary and middle)
  • Donate books

Field Day – Choosing field day activities and volunteers

Teacher Appreciation Week – class reps will receive an email on what to bring


Discipline Policies

  • Refer to handbook for policies
  • Go to Mrs. Hollis or Mrs. Raper with questions and concerns sooner than later as they have a larger view of what is going on
  • Principals engage with the parents regarding incidents, concerns, and problems
  • There’s been no increase of discipline referrals
  • Bullying: helps for principals to hear about it early; accommodations can be made to help with situations
  • Cyber bullying is more prevalent in middle school; usually happens after school or at night; rely on parents to monitor their children’s device use
  • Punishment is not always the solution to handling discipline problems
  • Question – curriculum on how to use social media and internet safety? (Screenagers)


  • Value: data is quantitative and easy to compare; standardized; aligned w/required curriculum; required by the state
  • BOG, EOG, EOC (grades 3-8)
  • mClass reading (K-3)
  • The stress and anxiety behind test taking
  • Tests are a measure of whether the school is providing the proper curriculum
  • MAP test – collection of skills the student has/has not accomplished yet; a way to inform the curriculum so we know what to teach next
  • The “numbers” show that our teachers are great at teaching reading
  • Starting in 5th grade (math) the test is free writing/gridded responses
  • Field test questions are also implanted