PC Minutes from September 20th, 2013

Shannon Wright, PC Co-Chair

School Organizations & Their Roles:

Parent Council

  • Its role is to discuss issues and provide support to teachers & staff.
  • All parents are welcome to attend monthly meetings.
  • Meeting dates & times will be posted online and listed in Thursday Notes.
  • Meeting agendas are emailed with Thursday Notes as well as distributed to Class Reps on the Tuesday before each meeting so they can distribute them to their classroom parents.
  • If you have a topic you would like to discuss, please submit to Julee Nunley kevin-julee@thenunleys.net or Shannon Wright thewrights@triad.rr.com no later than the Friday before each meeting.

Parent Council Board

  • Julee Nunley & Shannon Wright – Co-Chairs
  • Laura Scott – Secretary
  • Wendy Prior – Hospitality
  • Jason Ekstein, Donna Brown, Betty Hastings – Technical Support Team

Board of Directors

  • Because we are a charter school, we have our own Board of Directors rather than relying on the county school board.
  • It is made up of parents & community leaders.
  • Parents are welcome to attend all Board meetings, held every 2nd Tuesday at 5:45 pm at the 7th Street Building.

Student Leadership Team

  • This is a smaller group of parents & staff representatives that meet as needed to discuss larger issues.

Julee Nunley, PC Co-Chair

How You Can Help (click)

Volunteer Requirements – 1 hour per week per child.

  • Click to see attached “How you can help” for volunteer needs/suggestions. Additional notes on some of the options follow. Please see attachment for the full list.

Ongoing Needs, additional info.

  • Box Tops – Have volunteer opportunities for in school collecting or at home counting & clipping. 2 years ago we raised $850, last year $1000, set goal this year for $1100.
  • Yearbook – TAKE PICTURES & share with Donna Brown. Especially at class productions & field trips/special events. Do not crop or edit the photos before sending. Please save and send as HIGH RES photos.
  • Gardening – You can garden as your schedule allows, please contact Matt for a list of needs. There will be a big need for planting help for the landscaping at the 7th St. building.
  • “Assistant Principal of the Day” raffle. There is a raffle box in both buildings, so all the children have the opportunity to win. The funds go to Hospitality for use in Teacher Appreciation events.
  • Becky Dickson thanked everyone for the help Ms. Messick has received in the Art Room, and mentioned that more help is needed on Thursday mornings from 9-12 to help with a 3rd Grade painting project.


  • Scholastic Book Fair – will be in both buildings, with elementary-aged books in MLK building and middle-school-aged books in 7th St. building. Will need volunteers for setup & breakdown, working during the day and/or for Family Night, snacks, and decorating committee.

Giving Funds

  • Capital Campaign – Raising $500,000 for improvements in both buildings. Have begun approaching local businesses for funding, and will begin approaching parents soon.

** In addition, if you have skills or talents that are not addressed by the items on the attached list, please talk to your teacher and/or school staff. ABS will find a way to help you earn your volunteer hours!

Class Rep Discussion

Communication with Parents – Setting Up Your System

  • GoogleDocs, Shutterfly and VolunteerSpot were all suggested as good ways to remind your class of upcoming events and organizing volunteers. Shutterfly and VolunteerSpot both send automatic reminders. It was suggested that the school adopt one to use schoolwide, in order to standardize use and make it easier on parents.

Specific asks

Help Counter

  • A website we use to record volunteer hours from home. It will send you an update midway through the year so you can see how many hours you have worked and how many you have left to work to meet your requirement.
  • If you have not yet received an invitation from Stephanie May to set up your Help Counter account, please email her and she will set you up. smay@artsbasedschool.com
  • It is important that everyone record their hours, as we use this number when applying for grants and during the Capital Campaign, to show how committed our parents are to our school.


  • Katherine Wiley, on behalf of the WS Symphony, wanted to let folks know about a campaign the symphony is doing to evaluate their educational activities. Parents, teachers and students can all fill out an evaluation form on the Symphony website. Once you fill out the form, you will receive 2 free symphony tickets. More information, including links to the evaluation forms, can be found in Thursday Notes.

Shannon Wright & Principal, Robin Hollis
Drop-off/Pick-up Traffic Flow & Parking

  • There were some growing pains in the beginning, but traffic in both dropoff & pickup lines is moving much more smoothly now.
  • Next year, to alleviate stress that may occur with the addition of 8th grade, the 3rd grade pickup time may be changed to 2:30. Pickup times would be K-3 at 2:30 and 4-8 at 2:45.
  • The cars that line up on Chestnut St. waiting for the 2:45 pickup should enter the driveway at 2:40.
  • Hold children’s hands on sidewalks and crosswalks!
  • Use crosswalks!
  • A concern was expressed that if a child’s teacher is working in the car line, that the teachers left supervising will not know who is picking up the child, and that a safety error could occur, and the child be allowed to go with someone who is not authorized.
    • Safety is taken very seriously, and if there is any questionable activity with pickup, the school will keep the child in the office and/or call the parent to confirm the pickup.
    • This is a small and tight community – all staff members know our children, our habits and the habits of our families/friends coming to pick up.
    • A stranger sticks out.
    • There is a parent responsibility to inform one’s teacher, child, and family members that need to know if there is a change in who will be picking up the child.
    • The system is evolving, and we are willing to consider suggestions that will increase safety. Always troubleshooting.

If you are not on time to pick up your child(ren), they will be in the office. If you have a child in middle school and a child in elementary school, they will be in the office of the 7th St. building.
Concerns of Traffic Volunteers:

  • Don’t park in handicapped spaces to drop off children.
  • Hold hands in crosswalks & sidewalks.
  • When walking in to drop off at the MLK building, it is preferred that you use the crosswalk rather than the MLK sidewalk.

Do not use the driveway behind the townhomes on Chestnut St. This is a private drive.

Rainy Day Pickup: With the exception of thunderstorms or tornadoes, pickup will remain the same. The children will be walked outside and will be waiting under the tents.

Board of Directors: Tuesday, October 8th @5:45pm, 7th Street Bldg.
Parent Council: Friday, October 11th @8:15am, Teacher Resource Room, MLK Bldg.