Financial Support

Annual Campaign

  • Total Family Participation 60%
  • Total Dollars Donated $30,299

Each year, we ask for EVERY family’s support in this campaign.  ANY AMOUNT COUNTS!

Capital Campaign
The Capital Campaign for our school is well under way. We will be asking members of our community to help us raise $500,000 to stock the new building with all the things we need to make it a truly incredible arts-integrated educational environment for our children.  We will be asking for great amounts of money from people that have no children in our school, have no prior association with our school and in some instances, may never have heard of us.  It’s a much more daunting task to ask these folks for large donations when we aren’t able to say that all of our families support us financially as well. We have made tremendous progress so far, but we still need your support. Please click the link below to make your pledge:

Click here to fill out the online pledge card