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ABS is a popular and successful public charter school beginning its 17th year of operations. The school offers competitive salaries, State Employee health insurance, and retirement to full-time teachers.  Learn more about ABS.

As I’m sure you would agree our faculty and staff at ABS are top notch

Robin Hollis

Each day they pour their hearts and souls into what they are doing. This is apparent not only in their expert instruction but also in the love and care they provide for each and every child in the school.

Our teachers spend countless hours preparing the most engaging and exciting lessons to spark our students’ creativity, curiosity, and love of learning. They are masters at evaluating and assessing students’ progress, so they know just what to teach next. They effortlessly establish and maintain open lines of communication with parents creating partnerships that insure student success. And they do all of these things while singing, dancing, acting, and creating!

Of course, they do many other important things that really make a difference for our kids and the world; like helping them learn how to make friends and keep friends, how to solve problems when the world seems unfair, how to wait your turn, how to be kind, how to take care of yourself and one another and all the other life lessons that they slip in between double digit addition and journal writing.

Our teachers are great because even though they’re experts at what they do, they continue to learn more and do better.  And all the while they share their love and delight in learning with their students and colleagues.

So next time you visit the school and see your child’s teacher playing four-square at recess, soothing a child’s tears, loading them into cars at pick up, leading them down the hall, opening their snacks, copying in the copy room, serving out lunches, and all the other fun stuff at school, you can say “Thank You!”. Thank you for creating such a fabulous school for kids, families and this community!