PC Minutes from May 9, 2014

WELCOME: 8:15am                                                                                             

Julee Nunley & Shannon Wright


  • May 21st Movie Day:
  • Added due to Wednesday half-day; permission slips will go out the week before.
  • Please contact Lindsay Beane (LGBeane2@aol.com) or

Michelle Lawrence (mhopkins@alumni.princeton.edu) to volunteer!

  • June 5th Field Day:
  • There will be 2 field days – one at MLK Building, and one at 7th Street Building.
  • Each classroom will be responsible for a game through which all classes in the respective building will rotate. The games will be run by parent volunteers, please contact your class reps to help.
  • Class Reps (K-4th), please contact Shannon Thornton (shannonandheath@hotmail.com) with the name and description of the game your classroom will host.
  • Class Reps (5th-7th) please contact Tommy Priest (mindmade@gmail.com) with the name and description of the game your classroom will host.
  • For any K Reps or Reps that are new to Field Day, Shannon Thornton will provide a list of games used in years past to help you make your selection.
  • First Tennessee 150 Days of Giving!
  • We won $5,000! Thanks to everyone for participating in the voting process!
  • Community Creates Results!
  • ABS raised $27,000 gross, about $20,000 net after expenses.
  • This money goes to support our Artists-in-Residence Program.
  • Attendance was up this year – we received many positive comments about the move to the new building and the timing of the event (spring vs. previous fall timing). The Committee is already investigating a similar date for next year and will review other events in the community to hopefully avoid any conflicts.




  • Results to date – About 8% Participation with approximately $8,700 raised.
  • Link to online donations http://form.jotform.us/form/41053248414144
  • Please send this link to family & friends!
  • Participation is more important than dollar amount. This participation number is used in grant applications to show organizations that our families support and love ABS.
  • Please donate! ANY amount is helpful!
  • We will continue the campaign through the last day of school and hope to be able to report we’ve reached 100% participation!


PC BOARD ELECTIONS:                                                                                    


  • Last call for nominations
  • Ballots were distributed (results were combined with online votes)
  • Newly elected PC Board for 2014-2015:
    • Co Chairs: Michelle Lawrence & Shannon Wright (serving last year of current term)
    • Secretary: April Greenwood
    • Hospitality: Lynn Silkstone
    • Annual Giving Team: Frances Beasley & Amy Jones
    • Technology Team: Jason Ekstein, Donna Brown and Betty Hastings


PARENT SATISFACTION SURVEY RESULTS                                             


  • Summary of results submitted
  • We had 77 respondents, approximately 25% of our families. A higher number of respondents would be helpful for grant applications.
  • Many results were reviewed in the meeting, but a more comprehensive summary will be posted on the website.


COMMON CORE                

Robin Hollis

  • Discussion of Common Core in NC
  • There is a bill before the NC Legislature to revoke Common Core.
    • Common Core will still be taught in the Fall due to the length of legislative process.
  • Common Core is a set of Federal standards in Language Arts and Math only.
    • These standards are what they test.
    • They altered 4 disciplines at once last year, and NC was already doing the math component.
    • How these standards are met is determined by curriculum of school, ours is not the same as the county schools.
    • Social studies & science drive our curriculum, and they may be revamped by NC, not Common Core.


MIDDLE SCHOOL LOGISTICS:                                                                        

Paige Raper

  • Update on staffing, schedules, etc.
  • Next year there will be 3 5th Grade classrooms, 2 each of 6th, 7th & 8th.
  • A middle school science teacher will be hired to serve 7th & 8th grades.
  • 5th & 6th will be primarily self-contained.
  • In 7th & 8th, classes will always be in Math, Science, Social Studies/Language Arts, or Specials.
  • Specials include Spanish, Band, Art, Drama, Dance & PE.
  • Math will be leveled by ability, this will create mixed classes.
  • Language Arts will not be leveled – they will be handled as they are throughout the school – different readings groups in the same classroom.
  • Class times may be lengthened for some of the higher grades to allow for more in-depth classes and project work.
  • Specials are not electives, all students will take the same specials.
  • Discussion arose of potential after school clubs run by parents/teachers with special skills. Once middle school logistics are settled, this will be discussed further.
  • Implementing AG next year for 3rd Grade & up.



  • Board of Directors:
    • May Meeting: Tuesday, May 13th @5:45pm, 7th Street Bldg.