PC Minutes from August 18, 2014

The Arts Based School Staff/Rep Breakfast

Monday, August 18th, 2014



STAFF INTRODUCTIONS & UPDATES – Robin Hollis, Principal & Paige Raper, Asst. Principal

PC BOARD INTRODUCTIONS – Shannon Wright, Parent Council Co-Chair



Introductions – Meet the Reps

  • Mrs. Hollis introduced all classroom teachers and classroom reps. in attendance


Contact List – Who’s Who

  • Email addresses included and posted on website, Shannon asked that reps let her know if/when addresses change
  • Other volunteers will be involved with events throughout the year that may not be on this list
  • Open Spaces- please let us know if you know of someone who may be able to fill these open classroom spots and other coordinator positions.


Job Description – What Did I Sign Up For??

  • We want reps to be the best help possible for classroom teachers
  • Reps are the “go-to” person for your classroom teacher and for the other parents
  • Please communicate with teachers often
  • Please find the best ways for you to communicate to parents- emails, volunteer spot (volunteer website), Gmail sign up lists, etc that will be simple for you to manage and for the parents to use
  • You may have to try a few things to figure out what your parents manage best with
  • Check teacher Wish Lists periodically and communicate that to your parents (many teachers post those outside their classroom and parents that don’t come inside regularly may never see them).
  • We will let you know what meeting dates/ times we plan for Parent Council. Try to attend as a rep. If you cannot attend, please try to have another parent from your class attend. If you are unable to attend PC meetings, please read the meeting minutes sent with Thursday Notes to stay updated.
  • Be sure to tell classroom parents who you are and introduce yourself via email so the new and old families understand why you are in touch with them.
  • Let parents know that it’s school related when you email out to the parents in your classroom. Subject line should say “ABS Parents” or “Mrs. Holland’s Class Information” or something like that.
  • Always include your contact information with emails and identify yourself as the Class Rep
  • Events like: Fall Festival, January Jam, Book Fair helpers, etc. will need lots of helpers. Be sure to define what each event is so that new families understand exactly what they are signing up to help with.
  • Specialists have Reps as well. Specialist Reps can send information to the Class Reps, via emails (school-wide sent through Stephanie May in the office) or though Thursday Notes.
  • Mr. Wilbur reminded us that whenever classroom parents show up to help and are not needed in the classroom, please remind them to come to a specialist class, where they can often join in to help out a class.
  • Community Creates is Saturday, April 25th
  • Book Fair & Fall Fest will be in October. Will send out specific dates as soon as they are confirmed.


Volunteer Schedules – Keeping it Organized

  • Updated calendar provided with Thursday Notes this week.
  • Michelle plans to send out a detailed event calendar each month.
  • She urges reps. to give parents a lot of notice about events in case work schedules conflict and need to be planned around.
  • Parent Council will email reps. with questions or issues and allow for them to put information out to classrooms if/when applicable
  • Administration is always open to hear our thoughts and ideas. Please urge parents to attend PC meetings and/or communicate with reps. So that they are “heard”.
  • Michelle shared, “I was a parent rep last year and had the best class. My parents were always in abundance. I spoke with another rep. yesterday who had to work the entire Spring Break because of lack of participation from parents. Please work with the reps in the other classes if you ever need to find help for an event. Please let us know if you are having trouble finding help. We will help you find volunteers!”
  • Again, Please remember that there are new families across the school, in every grade, who may need explanations about school events.
  • Hollis- If a parent approaches you with a grievance, please encourage the parent to speak to the teacher first before coming to an administrator. If we hear a good bit about an issue, we will come together to help find a solution. The teacher is always the first step.

Volunteer Hours – Log that Time!

  • Each family is to volunteer one hour per week, per child- 40 hours total for the year per child in attendance.
  • Gardening, baking for a meeting, attending a PC meeting, etc. count as volunteer hours!
  • Please log in the hours you volunteer. It helps us when applying for grants, etc. to be able to say that we have “X-number of hours” given from our parents/families.
  • Grandparents, etc. can help at ABS to add to your family’s volunteer hours.
  • Help Counter is our system for logging in volunteer hours. The computer at the front door has this system. Stephanie will send out an email to link parents to this system soon so you can log hours directly from home.
  • If you itemize your tax deductions, you can also log your mileage to and from volunteer events at school!
  • If you are a class rep or an activity leader, know that you can log on the email time, etc. that you use for communicating information about these events to parents.
  • Shannon reiterated to reps. that we never want you to feel overwhelmed. Reach out and ask for help when needed. This should not be a negative experience.

Chaperone Policy

  • Often times you can work with other grade level reps to find what you need (Ex. Swim lessons in first grade) to cover a grade-level event
  • Please familiarize yourself with the Chaperone Policy. Please remember- siblings are not to attend field trips. Chaperones need to be focused on the students in the classroom on the trip.


MONTHLY TOOLS                                                                         Michelle Lawrence, Parent Council Co-Chair                                               

Month-at-a-Glance – The “Go To” Guide

  • Emailed to Staff & Class Reps the 1st of each month

Parent Council Agendas

  • Submit proposed agenda topics a week in advance to Michelle & Shannon
  • Final agendas emailed to Staff & Reps on Tuesday prior to a Friday meeting & included in that week’s Thursday Notes


HOSPITALITY                                                                                                  Lynn Silkstone, Hospitality Chair

Hospitality Funds (Parent Donations, Asst Principal Monthly Raffle)

Staff “Favorites” Surveys

  • Lynn and Nicole will work to get the survey out to the teachers. Favorite snacks, shops, restaurants, etc. will be on the list. We urge teachers to please fill this out and return it to us!
  • Lynn will distribute this information to Class Reps once it’s completed.

Hospitality Schedule – Coming Soon!

  • After PC today, we will have more information about what grade levels will be providing snacks for each Staff Meeting Scheduled
  • Hospitality is 100% funded through the “Asst Principal For A Day” raffle each month. Please help market this! The Assistant Principal for the month is drawn at each Friday Sing. All grade levels are eligible to participate.
  • When you are Holllis’ assistant, she asks what you like to do and she allows for the student to have his own desk, etc.
  • Coffee & Kleenex available for parents this Wed. Thu. & Fri. for first days of school.   Volunteers are in place to help with this.


  • Reps. stayed after the meeting with teachers to chat about coming year