What are Everyday Fundraisers?

There are many ways that you can help raise money for The Arts Based School by doing everyday things.  Please take a quick look at the simple steps that you can take to contribute to ABS all year long! It’s free and easy, and makes ABS money while you shop!

Box Tops for Education – Clipped Box Top labels can be brought to the school for redemption.  Each label is worth ten cents. Keep those tops coming.  If you can trim them before you send them in, that helps even more!

Food Lion – We also need all you Food Lion Shoppers to link your MVP Cards.  You cannot link at the register, but you can call 1-800-210-9569 click below.  Take the number with you and check that off your to-do list while you are in carpool line!

Harris Teeter Vic –  You can tell your cashier as you are checking out to link your card to 5132 (they can look it up, but it helps to know the number.)  Remember to re-link each year on or shortly after August 1st for the new school year.

Lowes Foods – link your Fresh Rewards card to our school, and we earn money every time you purchase Lowes Foods private brand items.

Target – Target also has a rewards program, click below to find out more.


Online Shopping and Searching

You can make a contribution to the school by doing your online shopping through various portals.  The school earns a percentage of your online purchase when you link through the following websites and then shop online as usual.  There is no additional cost to you plus many of these sites offer coupons or use a coupon found elsewhere just as you would by directly linking to their site.

BoxTops4Education – BoxTops Marketplace Many retailers are listed including Travelocity, Target, Overstock and more.

You don’t have to have children at ABS to connect, so encourage family and friends to link their cards as well!  The connections need to be renewed every August.  Contact Alison Wright at earthling_72@hotmail.com for more information, or if you’d like to help with the drive on a Monday.