ABS Thursday Notes-December 6, 2018

Thursday Notes                           

Published for the Arts Based School Community                                          December 6, 2018



How We Do It and Why

By Mary Siebert


Wake up, Jacob, Day’s a-breakin’!

Peas in the pot and the hoecake’s bakin’.

Early in the morning, almost day;

If you don’t come soon…gonna throw it all away.”

-Cook’s Wake-Up (Traditional American)


Fifth graders lie on the ground, eyes closed, imagining a time when only the sounds of nature and the occasional snoring comrade were heard at night. Suddenly, their repose is shattered by the banging of spoon on frying pan, and the “Cook’s Wake-Up”, and with a big “yahoo!” we’re off on another day of the “Cowboys” unit that kicks off our Romeo and Juliet on the Border project.

The unit is built around historic folk songs, works of art, and frontier history of the cattle drive era of the American “Wild West”, dating from the end of the 19th century. Students learn about the direct connection from the Civil War to the cattle drives and the industry’s role in Reconstruction. They explore cultural changes taking place in the west during that time, how economic factors pushed the cattle onto the prairies, and how technology and over-grazing brought an end to the iconic era. Daily “rodeos” help students maintain learning about a diverse group of topics including the prairie biome and its creatures, star constellations, African American cowboys and women, influence of Mexican culture, the railroads, supply and demand, transportation, and social customs. We focus on these questions:

– How do social factors impact economic ones?

– How do folk songs and visual art serve as primary sources to teach us history?

– Who were the cowboys and cowgirls of the American Wild West?

Meanwhile, 5th graders are learning historic American cowboy and Northern Mexican folk songs for the show. They are learning about Shakespeare, and the plot of this important story that draws them directly into conversation about fear of the “other” and how negative stereotyping repeats itself in human history. Audition techniques, (which translate directly into job interview skills,) the social and dance skills they learned during “Dancing Classrooms,” years of singing together, and their understanding of the content will draw them together into one 60-kid storytelling troupe. When theater and history converge, we’ll have us a wing-ding!


Annual Giving
We are truly grateful to everyone who has donated to our Annual Giving campaign so far! Thank you!

Total School Participation to Date: 19%
Total Gifts to Date: $30,862

This year, as in past years, we are hoping to achieve 100% participation. Family participation in Annual Giving at The Arts Based School is more than financial support; it is a vote of confidence that demonstrates your belief in and investment in your school. Please make a gift or a pledge today!


We ask all parents for financial support just once each year. Please give as generously as you are able. Return your green envelope today! If you prefer to make a secure gift online, visit: artsbasedschool.com/your-support



Inclement Weather

In the event of inclement weather, ABS will announce school closings on local TV channels, under “The Arts Based School”.  This information will also be posted on the ABS website (www.artsbasedschool.com).



Bookmarks Day to support ABS is this FRIDAY!

Shop at Bookmarks on Friday, December 7th to support Arts Based School. 10% of all sales will go back to Arts Based School for books for our media centers. Shop all day (10am-9pm). This is a great opportunity to stock up on books for the holidays and help our media centers get new books!

While you’re shopping, look for the ABS display to purchase wish list books for our media centers. You may also purchase gift cards for the school libraries or your favorite teacher (makes a great teacher holiday gift).

You can even order books that are not in stock or pre-order books- just pay for them on December 7th and the school benefits! (Fans of Dog Man: pre-order the latest installment Brawl of the Wild which comes out 12/24.) You can place your pre-order by phone on Friday and pick up the books when they are ready.


Author Visit- Jonathan D. Voss will be reading his book Brave Enough for Two at 4pm- young readers, bring your best stuffed animal friend and hear the story of Olive and her stuffed owl Hoot!



Crisis Control Food Drive

K-Kids and Builder’s Club are sponsoring a canned food drive for Crisis Control Ministries, a non-profit organization which provides food for the needy in our community. Please bring non-perishable items in cans and boxes (no class containers, please). Items will be collected in a hallway location outside each grade level. This drive will continue until Friday, Dec. 14.


Around Town…

Check out our new neighbor, Earl’s.  One of our ABS parents has opened this cool, family-friendy restaurant  located behind Wise Man Brewery. Thursday, Friday, and Saturday night is live music including country, bluegrass, and Appalachian music.