ABS Thursday Notes- August 18, 2016

Thursday Notes                           

Published for the Arts Based School Community                                                             August 18, 2016




How We Do It and Why

By Mary Siebert


Expansion and Contraction: an example of integrated standards.

The 6th grade North Carolina science standards include the use of the words conduction, expansion, and contraction. Here’s a little article integrating that vocabulary:


We are excited to provide an expanded Advanced Math program in our 7th Street Building, with Ms. Lewis teaching Math 1 and Math 2, as well as some enrichment for 5th and 6th, later in the year. Ms. Lewis will be working closely with her team partner, Ms. Boaz, who teaches 7th and 8th grade math. Ms. Lewis’ classroom is located in the space where the book room used to be, allowing her to work next to her team, and also limiting conduction of sound waves from the music room.

The music room in the 7th Street building has been divided into three smaller rooms this year, providing a somewhat contracted space for music instruction, but expanding our use of space to include both the book room and a resource room.

Our shiny new dance space in the MLK building was filled with dancers today for the first time! Ms. Adams is thrilled to welcome sunshine into her dance space, while work continues on the cool new black box theater.

Our MLK space is temporarily contracted, as we ready ourselves for expanded utility and beauty in the form of the upgraded black box theater, (a gift from ABS’ beloved friend and former board member, Alex Ewing.) When complete, the sleek, flexible new theater will be used by all students, K-8, both for rehearsals and for some performances. The black box will be under construction for a while longer, as our builders add preliminary structure that will support a new lighting grid, lights, and audience seating.


Friday Sing

Our First Friday Sing for K-8 is scheduled to take place at 1:50 – 2:20 p.m. on September 2nd. Since our theater is under construction, Friday Sing will take place in the piazza courtyard at the 7th Street building. If the weather is predicted to be too hot, we will shorten the singing session to 20 minutes, from 2:00 – 2:20. If the weather is stormy, Friday Sing will be canceled this month. Parents are welcome to join us in the courtyard!

ABS Student Handbook

The updated Parent/Student Handbook is now available on our website

Parent/Student Handbook

If you would prefer a printed paper copy, stop by the front desk.


Parking Lot News

Thanks to each of you for being so careful and patient as we master the drop off and pick up routines in the parking lot.  A few notes…


-To expedite morning drop off, cars dropping off at the 7th St building only can “cut through” the MLK parking lot behind the yellow school bus.    This cut through is only used during morning drop off.


-You should already have name placards for your dash. Students in the MLK building who are picked up at 2:30 have yellow cards.  Students in the 7th St building who are picked up at 2:45 have orange cards.  Please display the placard on the dash on passenger side.  Leave the sign in place until your child has been loaded into the car.  Please share your sign with whomever is picking up your child.  If you need additional signs, please email Hannah Brown at hbrown@artsbasedschool.com


-Please turn right out of the 7th St parking lot especially in the morning to keep the line moving and avoid traffic jams on 7th Street.  Sometimes this will not be possible because of a passing train.


-Thank you to the amazing volunteers who have helped each morning with traffic.


No Dogs Please

Although we all enjoy our own pets at home, we ask that you not bring your dogs to school campus even during afternoon pickup.  It’s often irresistible to students who want to jump up and pet the dog or others that want to jump up and get away from the dog, and yet other students who are severely allergic.  To help keep us all safe and happy, please leave dogs at home.



We only have a few more teachers still in need of a Classroom Representative.  Serving as a Class Rep (or Co-Rep with another parent) is a fantastic way to stay involved in your child’s classroom – it’s also a great way to get to know your teacher and the other parents!  We are looking for volunteers from the following classrooms:  two reps for 8th grade.  We are also looking for Specialist Reps for Ms. Cooper (Music/Choir) & Ms.Hayes (Band)- a Joint Coordinator to share information to grade level class reps as they need assistance, and Ms. McIver (Drama).  If you are interested in one of these positions, please email Julee  Nunley (julee@thenunleys.net) or Lindsay Deibler(lindsaydeibler@gmail.com).

Book Fair -We’re looking for a co-coordinator to work with our seasoned Book Fair pro, Mackenzie Calhoun, in the 7th Street building. Contact Julee Nunley (jules@thenunleys.com)

Fall Festival- Parent Council is making a casting call to fill leading roles at this year’s Fall Festival! If you think you have the talent… to attend a meeting or two and be present on October 1… please let us know! Our Fall Festival Planning Committee this year will share the responsibility of hosting a wonderful event for our ABS families and community and is an easy way to earn your volunteer hours. Please contact Emily Ball (emilynball@gmail.com) or call (704) 996-5782 to volunteer. Mark your family’s calendars for Saturday, Oct. 1st, to come out and enjoy the festivities.

Reminder: Parent Council Meeting Dates for the 2016-2017 School Year (8:15am-9:15am) in the MLK cafeteria

Dates are : Sept. 16th, Oct. 14th, Nov. – No Meeting, Dec. 16th, Jan. – No Meeting, Feb. 17th, March 17th, April- No Meeting, May 12th

Want to be the Assistant Principal?

Give your child a chance to be Assistant Principal of the Day! Yes, your child (of any grade level) can serve as Principal Hollis’ Assistant for an entire day! Assistant Principals have their own desk, name tag, and list of “Principal Duties” for the day! Simply stop by either front office and purchase your raffle tickets today ($1/ticket, $5 for 6 tickets). Each month the lucky winner will be drawn and announced at the 1st Friday Sings throughout the school year. All proceeds from the raffle support our Hospitality fund and allow us to do special things for our staff throughout the year. 


Around Town…

The UNCSA Preparatory Dance Program has expanded to include two new exciting programs with classes beginning at UNCSA on Saturday, September 10th:

  • Tiny Dancer Program–  children ages 5-8 of any experience level
  • Adult Dancer Program– all age adults of any experience level

For more information about these programs including class times and how to register, please visit http://uncsa.edu/community/preparatory-dance/